PhD research at UWH

Application of Remote Sensing technologies for the Environmental impact analysis 
in Kumtor gold mining company


          Nowadays the Environment Protection is very important. But actually, this action remains unfulfilled. This research will introduce the assessment and research of impact of the Kumtor gold mining on the environment through remote sensing technologies (high resolution GeoEye-1 and WorldView-3 satellite images with possibility stereoscopic, multispectral, and near-infrared archive data). After completion of this research will get the results for following: a growth monitoring waste - dumps, horizontal-vertical displacements, determining the area of waste - dumps, measuring the volume of waste - dumps and one of the main environmental problems associated with storage  huge amount of waste-dumps on the glacier and the disappearance of glaciers.

Work Program&Activities

Common uses of Elevation Models include:

  • Creation an Ortho from existing RPC model
  • Hyperspherical Color Space (HCS) Pan Sharpening
  • Supervised Classification
  • Discriminant Function Change Detection
  • Rendering of 3D visualizations as DTM (DEM) extraction and modeling mass movement 

Remote Sensing Data

These satellite images courtesy of the DigitalGlobe Foundation for this research work.

WorldView-2 and QuickBird satellite high-resolution panchromatic and multispectral archive image data with possibility stereoscopic.

Data from «QuickBird» satellite (1)

Data from «WorldView-2» satellite (2,3) 

 ID image DateThe angle of nadir  Cloud cover, % Spatial resolution, m Spectral band
 (1)- 10100100024C3900 19.09.2003 12.27° 0 0.61-2,40 4
 (2)- 10300100244B7100 18.08.2013 8.71° 2 0.46-1,84 8
 (3)- 10300100466BEA00 15.08.2015 3.78° 0 0.46-1,84 8

Implementation Methodology

1.Importing DIGITALGLOBE all tiles data (.TIL) into a single file with ERDAS IMAGINE

2. Creation an ortho from existing RPC model

 3. Hyperspherical color space (HSC) Pan sharpening algorithm

4. Supervised classification

5. Discriminant Function Change Detection

Periodical variations of glaciers in mining area

 Below shown how to changed area of glaciers and Kumtor mining.

The blue lines are contours of glacier, red lines are territory of dumps in Kumtor gold mining


Tie point process


  • Safety reserves of fresh water
  • Reduced air pollution
  • Reduced water pollution
  • Reduced degradation of soils and vegetation
  • Protected wildlife and the fish resources
  • after that Economical Development

Establishing Spatial Decision Support System for monitoring future condition of mining area

To be continued soon >>>